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No Experience Required

Mac Rolens Productions is looking for gorgeous models for Lingerie & Glamour images and videos. We have been in business for over 5 years producing tasteful glamour modeling images and videos for websites such as And

A typical job consists of shoots of 16 outfits We take about 50 still images for each outfit taking about 5 to 10 minutes. The first 5 outfits we follow the photo shoot with a 10 min video shoot. The rest of the outfits are still image shoots with the video camera on. We have a large selection of clothing but we encourage you to bring some outfits that you like also. The outfits and poses are what you would expect for a glamour/lingerie shoot in the Victoria’s Secret to Maxim to Playboy style meaning that models must be prepared to at least pose in sheer lingerie and full implied nude. FULL FRONTAL NUDITY IS NOT REQUIRED

We are looking to produce tasteful glamour that emphasizes the beauty and personality of the model.

We are looking for highly attractive women, with a lot of personality. Models should be able to genuinely portray the wholesome girl next door and should love to tease. Models must be Beautiful with full, firm and perky curves, and be prepared to model in revealing or sheer Lingerie and full implied nude.

The model We are looking for:
Style: Girl Next Door / California Beach / Bombshell
Height; No Requirement
Hair: No Requirement
Chest: Firm C cup or larger
Waist: 26” or less

Our style is to give the viewer a photographer’s eye view of the shoot so the viewer has an opportunity to watch a photo shoot from the perspective of the photographer. We want to give the impression that the model is the "Girl Next Door" doing her first sexy video/photo shoot. The viewer gets to watch you pose and listen to our conversation.

Models will be paid CA$H at the end of each assignment. Shoots are a combination of still photography and video. The length of shoot varies from 3 to 6 hours but will continue until the proper amount of content is produced. A typical Set consists about 50 still images for each of 15 outfits.

Models will be paid a fixed fee per shoot depending on their beauty, experience and level of inhibition.

All aspects of a shoot will be discussed and agreed to before the shoot is scheduled. Before the shoot the model will have to sign an agreement and release. If a model refuses to perform to the level agreed to, the shoot will be stopped and she will not be paid.

The model's identity will always be protected A stage name will always be used unless the model specifically asks me not to. I will use the model's chosen stage name unless I feel that name is too masculine or sounds too much like a hooker, stripper or adult actress. In such cases I reserve the right to use a stage name that I feel will best promote the model on my site. These are "Amateur" videos and we want to maintain the "Wholesome Girl Next Door" image. A "Masquerade Mask" (See image to Left) is available for those models seeking additional protection.

All models must be 18 years of age or older. You must bring at least one ORIGINAL form of ID with to prove that you are at least 18 years of age. The first piece of identification must have your photo, date of birth and expiration date -- this can be a driver's license, passport or state ID. A second form of ID can be a birth certificate, student ID, Social Security card, voter registration card or military ID. Expired IDs will NOT be accepted.

Models must be from or visiting the Seattle area. There is no travel budget.

To be considered please email the following information:
* Age
* Height
* Measurements (Bra-waist-hips)
* Recent Color pictures. At least one close face shot and at least one full length shot braless in a tee shirt with panties (or topless or nude if desired).
(pictures taken with cell phone and a mirror are fine).

Please, models with large and/or centrally located tattoos or multiple facial piercings need not apply and will receive no reply.


I would encourage, expect and welcome you to bring someone with you. It will make both of us feel more comfortable. However, a Chaperone must keep in mind that their sole role is to serve the purpose of ensuring the safety of the model. They are not the model's coach. Chaperones can be in the studio bur are not generally welcome on the set unless they are needed to assist the photographer.

Boyfriends, husbands and/or fathers are generally not welcome on photo shoots as they all too often become jealous and/or possessive and frequently will attempt to disrupt or take control of the shoot. If they are your last resort then bring them but only in the most extreme situations. I recommend you bring your mother or a girl friend.

Models are responsible for the behavior of their escorts. If I determine that the quality of a shoot is being compromised by the interference of an escort, I will terminate the shoot and the model will not be paid.

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